Friday, 18 October 2013

QUAD 405 Vintage Current Dumping Amplifier 100W My DIY Project

This is my "remake" of first, legendary, Current Dumping Amplifier : QUAD 405.
This is one mix, my personal mix, of  his varius  release, Quad 405 I , Quad 405 II etc.

My DiY Amplifier QUAD 405

I made a stereo version with prototipe in year 2007.
Replacement components:

IC1: TLE2071 OpAmp
TR9-TR10: MJ15003

You can download pdf format below.

Electric Scheme: 

Quad 405 DIY
My personal Quad 405 DIY schematic diagram

PCB Layers:
My Quad 405 layout
Quad 405 components placement

Dowload PDF schematic of my project Quad 405 :

Download PDF PCB plane of my project Quad 405: