Friday, 22 August 2014

Sony TA-F555ES Amplifier 100W

Sony TA F555ES Amplifier
ACT :  Audio Current Transfer
Shunt Regulated Power Supply for Signal Section
Big BJT Discrete  Phono, EQ, Board including MC and MM Load Selector
Elna for Audio Capacitors
Sanken Power BJT: 2SC2922 2SA1216

Sony TA-F555ES front view

Regulated Shunt Power Supply Regulator

Audio Current Transfer...

Sony Power


EQ Board,  Discrete BJT Phono stage including MC cartridge amplifier

Cartridge Load Selector

Sony TA-F555ES inside View

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sony TA F80 ; Power Amplifier 120 + 120W, PLPS Power Supply, Restoration Project pt.II

 Amplifier Sony TA-F80 :

Sony TA-F80 

Sony's Knobs after clean
 TA-F80 power board with Heat Pipe and power BJT,  NEC 2SC2681 instead Sony 2SC2571 from factory..

Sony Power Board Before Restoration

Input and EQ Control Boards
Sony Japan RIAA - UNIT 

 Pulse Loked Power Supply PLPS:

TA-F80 Amplifier  Inside