Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sony Class A Amplifier TA-N86B Pre Esprit Repair Restoration Servicing


Sony Pre Esprit TA-N86B Class A , B, BTL Amplifier 
Repair & Restoration

Sony TA-N86B After Restoration

Serial n° 501037

First Ceck...

First Failure Found, Sony's BJT 2SC2398...!

Second Failure 2SA706
PLPS Bridge BJT, 2SC2023  the Third

Complete view of failures, Sony, Sanken:

Japanes  BJT , faulty components

Repair made by using original components from ... a  TA-N86B doner.

After Repair service all  Capacitors Replaced by ELNA SILMIC II Audiograde Components 

All Sony BJT in Output Stage, All NEW Capacitors ELNA Silmic II

TA-N86B Specs:

To be continued....

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