Tuesday, 18 March 2014

"Operazione Goodnight" Headphones Amplfier Using Vacuum Tube ECC82 ( 12AU7)

My  Project about a Vacuum Tube Headphones Amplifer for my Philips Fidelio X1:

My Tube Amplifier and My Headphones Philips

My Headphone Tube Amplifier 
Tube used for amplifier is a ECC82/12AU7 followed by a discrete Class A BJT Buffer
The First One mede uses ELNA Cerafine Audio Capacitors.
The Power Supply is my Board made by a mix of  Bust and Buck Switching Converters from main 12-24Vdc
So  From DC Supply we can obtain: 200Vdc for Tube circuit, 30Vdc for Buffer Circuit, 6,3Vdc 

"Goodnight" Powe Supply Board 

Switching Board with IC, Mosfet and Audio Board with Philips Miniwatt NOS ECC82  12AU7

NOS ECC82 Philps Miniwatt and Switching Power Suupply Board

Headphone Amplifier complete with a White Led on the base of Tube


The Second One uses ELNA Audio Silmic II Capacitors

The Second One With ELNA Silmic II Audio Capacitors
 Boards and Headphones

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