Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Sony PS-X65 DD Turntable Quartz X TAL-LOCK System Full Electronic Microprocessor Controlled Magnetic Tracking

My New entry, not working, turntable Sony PS-X65 substitue of other Sony Direct Drive Turntable
 Sony PS-X60. Only better S/N ratio for the specs, but it has more charm.

Speed is correct and Locked, both 33 1/3 and 45 rpm, in manual play it's perfect only a little trouble on the mute switch, easily solved.
In automatic play tonearm doesn't stop and doesn't retun to stop position...


It Spinning well!

It look so beautifull..

Automatic actions are guarantee by 2  electronic controlled motors, no mechanicals devices like his predecessor, PS-X60.
The Horizontal motor is used also for the correct Traking Force

There are 2 coaxial "brushless" motors: one for the lift the other,
you can see the coils, for the Horizontal Movement

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  1. Perhaps you could repair my sony ps-x75. It will no longer lock onto the correct speed and the the platter now spins way too fast. The locked indicator flashes, but will not lock and stop flashing.