Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sony Class A Amplifier TA-N86B Pre Esprit Repair Restoration Servicing


Sony Pre Esprit TA-N86B Class A , B, BTL Amplifier 
Repair & Restoration

Sony TA-N86B After Restoration

Serial n° 501037

First Ceck...

First Failure Found, Sony's BJT 2SC2398...!

Second Failure 2SA706
PLPS Bridge BJT, 2SC2023  the Third

Complete view of failures, Sony, Sanken:

Japanes  BJT , faulty components

Repair made by using original components from ... a  TA-N86B doner.

After Repair service all  Capacitors Replaced by ELNA SILMIC II Audiograde Components 

All Sony BJT in Output Stage, All NEW Capacitors ELNA Silmic II

TA-N86B Specs:

To be continued....

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Not Working Cassette Deck AIWA AD F660 Repair

Not Working Cassette Deck AIWA Repair.

3 heads, 2 motors (1 for capstains, 1 for reels)
Closed loop dual cpastan, Dolby B, C HX Pro, Bias adjustable. 
ADMS Automatic DeMagnetizing System

Trouble: In Play Mode Capstan Correctly Work but tape go out, Reels don't go

Repair: Not mechanical problem, but electrical, in Power Supply zone; a lot of defective soldering joint!

AIWA AD-F660 Not Working
AIWA DX R&P Heads , Dual Capstan
AIWA Mechanical Detail Dual Capstan Big Motor

Bottom Layer, Power Supply Zone

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Top Hi Fi System Opera Callas Diva NAD M3 Marantz SA11 AM Audio PA25 Reference

Loudspeakers Opera Callas Diva:

Huge Input Connectors!

6" Scan Speak Woofers 1" Scan Speak Tweeter

Power Amplifier NAD M3:

Very Big Amplifier, NAD M3, Very Powerfull from NAD

Super Audio CD Marantz SA11:

Top SACD Player from Marantz

AM Audio PA25 Reference, Italian Pure A Class 25W Amplifier

  AM AUDIO  PA25 Reference  Pictures


Pre Stage components

Only One Power Channel...

Techincs Turntable SL 1410 Repair and Restoration

Defekt Technics SL1410, trouble: The Rotation Speed change, is variable 45 rpm and 33 1/3 rpm

All capacitor changed without results.

The cause  was IC1, AN630 ,  the metal leg of pin 1 was broken.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Teac V9000 Esoteric Top Cassette Deck

All Audio Grade Capacitors in electronic circuits

Teac V9000 Esoteric, Cassette Deck, 3 Heads, Closed Loop Dual Capstan
Only Audio Grade Capacitors used.....

Erase, Rec & Play Heads in die cast metal base
Beautifull R&P Heads in one block


Pretty look

CrO2 Calibration

REVOX B710 Professional Cassette Deck

Deck Inside......

Inside view REVOX B710: 4 motors, 3 heads, Dolby B

A Lot of Leds in Meters

Gorgeous, Red Leds, Peak Reading Meter REVOX B710

B710 & B226
Revox Family Pic

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Sony ES HI FI system

About Sony:
Integrated Amplifier    TA-F555ES
Cassette Deck          TC-K777ES
CD Player                 CDP-701ES
CD Player                 CDP-501ES
CD Player                 CDP-502ESII

About Philips:
Speakers                  FB-821
CD Player                 CD-650

About TEAC:
Cassette Deck          V9000 Esoteric
Cassette Deck          V5000

About Yamaha:
Cassette Deck          KX-670

About Technics:
Turntable                  SL-1410

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

DENON PMA-500V Power Amplifier Restoration Repair

Power Amplifier Repair

Block Diagram PMA-500V

Input Stage VAS and Output stage of Voltage Amplifier PMA-500V


Servo DC Out, Bias adj, Current Buffer Output

Denon PMA-500V Defekt, Broken Repair Restoration:
D529     ISS133     Short Circuit,
D509     HZ7B-3   Short Circuit, 
TR505   2SA1358 Open Circuit 
D507     HZ7B-3   Open Circuit