Tuesday, 14 May 2013

HTA: Hitachi Top Mosfet Amplifier 100W Project Using 2SK1058 2SJ162

 Hitachi Top Mosfet Amplifier Project

All Semiconductors, BJT - Mosfet.
Only Schematic.

Download Mosfet Amplifier Schematic pdf

HTA: Hitachi Top Amplifier
B Class Mosfet Power Amplifier, using Hitachi's Mosfets 2SK1058-2SJ162.
Input differential stage and VAS stage are like Sony's ES 90's  amplifer.
VAS is Cascode Configuration.
Output Stage use 4 devices, 2 N channel MOS and 2 P channel MOS, note the power voltage rail is NOT regulated, the signal voltage should be... anyway they must be separated.

100W Continuos Power into 8 ohm could be obtained with appropriate Power Supply

Hitachi's Mosfet Amplifier Project 

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