Tuesday, 16 June 2015

DIY DC/DC Dual Boost regulated Power Supply for High Voltage Tube VAS

In relation to DIY Hybrid amplifer the first step is to obtain the High Voltage for tube's anode supply and the low voltage for heaters.

Sometimes, if not always, fora a 100W amplifier you have a double sec 150-300VA  36-0-36Vac power transformer only.
Using this board you can adjust the  needed voltage for tube stage starting from your transformer.
Without use any voltage doubler and linear regulators.

The Following image shows how the Double Boost works.
From unregulated  +55/0/-55Vdc the circuit gives at his output the needed voltage, able to supply the anode current for a tube stage.
For example you can obtain +90/0/-90Vdc and 6.3Vdc for the heaters..

Friday, 5 June 2015

DIY Do It Yourself KIT Headphones Hibryd 0fb Class A Tube Amplifier Using Boost Coverter Power Supply DC DC Coverter output 190Vdc 6.3Vdc starting from 12-24Vdc

Zero Feedback 100mW Hi Fi Tube - BJT Amplifer using Hi Voltage Power Supply by DC DC Boost Converter.

Boost and Buck Board provide to give:

VAS Tube Supply: 190Vdc
Curret Buffer Amplifer Supply: 30Vdc
Heater voltage 6.3Vdc by Step Down converter

All voltages obtained starting from 12-24Vdc power supply, as Desktop power supply or Battery

DC DC Step Up and Step Down Board