Thursday, 15 December 2016

Sony Cassette Deck ES 3Heads Closed Loop Dual Capstan

Cassette Deck and analog sound passion!!!
A little dream has been realized:  my Sony TC-K777es and his little sister Sony TC-K666es !

Sony TC K777es Sony TC K666es

Sony TC K777es Sony TC K666es

Making of Audio Projects Testing Dedicated Power Supply

I'm working around board assembly.
Positive rail is ok, negative has to be tested ...I hope it'll be ok!!!
Linear Variable Output Voltage from 3V to 50V, Input voltage Max 60Vdc

Friday, 2 December 2016

Hi Fi power supply +60V 0 -60V DC

A Linear Power Supply designed for Hi Fi appliance capable of +60Vdc,-60Vdc, power diveces cuold be IRFP240 IRFP9240

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Next Power Amplifier based on Sony Esprit Series Using No Negative Feedback Architecture

I'm traying to make an amplifier following example of Sony TA-N902 Esprit Sere, the last aftre TA-N900 mono and TA-N901 stereo.
Sony's Esprit  amplifier all haven't Negative Feedback, they had a Voltage Amplifier Stage made by discrete components, which has his proprer feedback and a current stage located out the loop, This architecture decrease the TIM distortion. To minimize THD Sony used his own  patent concerning non-switching power devices, the stage also remain a AB class but  results similar to pure class A.

3D of the  Voltage Amplifiere Stage

Some amplifier are been used as example for schematic or as  components donor.

Power supply is from a PLPS from an old TA-F80,electronic components for VAS are coming from a TA-F500, the chassis is given by a broken Behringer A500.
Other components are new and PCB are made by myself.

Current Amplifier 3D

I used a lot of SMD components, all with 1206 dimension

Soon I'll show the complete work

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Behringer A500 Amplifier mod Sony TA F80 PLPS Power Supply and TA F902 similar circuit

I'm working on cheap Berhinger A500 case , putting inside a Sony TA-F80 PLPS supply and  Sony TA N902 Esprit Non NFB Power Amplifer clone board ...

Thursday, 29 September 2016

My new GY50 50W  Hybrid Power amplifier DIY Board 
2SC3281 - MJL3281
2SA1302- MJL1302

Audiograde output capacitor

"ready to run" GY50 Boards