Tuesday, 22 May 2018

EL34 Triode connection Push Pull CFB Paraphrase Inverter Amplifer Schematic from Bartolomeo Aloia Project and Hammond Transformer

This is my first Tube Hi Fi amplifier, I choose to start from a  Bartolomeo Aloia project :
VTAF Volks Tube Amplifier The First by Bartolomeo Aloia
 you can find details on audiodesignguide page.

The project is based around a EL34 triode conection push pull.
The output transformer is a Hammond 1615 witch I would use in Chatode Feddbak connection.

Paraphrase imput stage and phase splitter is a  modified GY50 driver stage board .

Phase Splitter Prototipe Paraphrase inverter

EL34 triode push pull CFB amplifier schematic