Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sony TA F80 ; Power Amplifier 120 + 120W, PLPS Power Supply, Restoration Project

Sony TA-F80 Power Amplifier

  • Low Noise Head Amp, Sony's BJT 2SC2014
  • 120 +120W continuos (8ohm) 
  • Pulse Loked Power Supply 
  • Heat Pipe

Low Noise Head Amp MC
2SC2014 is a Low Noise BJT developed for MC Stage Amplifier 

Phono RIAA Amplifer Q201 2SK97

BJT Power Amplifier , Fet Input Diff. Amp.

PLPS Power Supply Pulse Power

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Philips Amplifier RH 521 Revisited Class AB 50W Project

Power section of Philips RH 521 70's Calss AB Amplifier modified in:

Full Complementary Output Power Stage, Thoshiba 2SC3281 2SA1302 or Sanken 2SC3519 2SA1386

Cascode for VAS Stage

Feedback amount changed

Philips RH 521 Amplifier 
Distortion at 20Vpp

Friday, 4 July 2014

Project About Aloia's TriodoSolido Style Hybrid Amplifier 100W

Clone of Aloia's Amplifier called Triodosolido.
Semplified versione whitout Protection and Limiters circuits

Tubes are 2 x 6SN7 double triode.
Output BJT 2SC3281 2SA1302
Tube VAS Supply300Vdc
Catode Follower Rail Supply: 50Vdc, -50Vdc
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