Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bitstream Philips chipset SAA7350A TDA1547 DAC7 on CD950

Bought "new" not working CD Player: Philips CD950
Digital to Analog Conversion based  on Bitstream  mode
Philps Top Player of the 90's with Gold Bitstream Logo

Philips Bitstream Conversion Logo
SAA7310 - SAA7350 -  NPC SM5840AS

SAA7350 is half part of DAC7

TDA1547 is the other half part to complete DAC7
NE5532N Operational Amplifier
Palyer goes sometime , and when not disc runs anticlockwise

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sony PS-X60 Direct Drive Turntable with Denon DL-103 MC Cartridge

Sony almost top turntable PS-X60 as substitute of my Techincs SL-1410

My New Sony Turntable

Sony PS  X 60 Direct Drive Turntable

It only needed the tonearm lift adjustment
Added to Sony Tonearm PUA-7 my MC cartridge: Denon DL-103

Sony PS-X60 - PUA-7 and  Denon DL-103

Beautifull Tonearm Sony PUA-7

Big Sony Made in  Japan Platter

Look inside big Sony PS X 60:

Inside:  Electronic Boards, Motor, Power Transformer